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    Hello, my nickname is "Furniture Dave" and I have been actively Dieting Successfully... to date ( ) I have lost about 55 pounds since I started ( Tuesday, Feburary 15, 2022 ) ...

    In this web site I am going to explain to you almost everything that I have learned about Dieting and I hope that you might use it yourself soon...

First of all you need to learn that All Common Food is really MEDICINE for you and your body... the same as any Doctor Prescribed Medicine that you might take!

Secondly you need to understand that Dieting really boils down to simply Eating Less and Exercising More...

If you think LOGICALLY about Eating and Exercising, you should see that all it amounts to is ENERGY IN and ENERGY OUT...

So far it seems simple... just put in less energy and expend more energy and VOILA ... your body will have to use it's STORED Energy to maintain your health!

And in doing that, it will LOSE WEIGHT!

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