Fast Cooking Tips

You absolutely need to QUIT EATING many of the foods that I think you probably are now eating... because these particular foods are STOPPING you from losing weight... they are predominately Carbohydrates and Sweet Foods... which are metabolized SLOWLY and end up being converted to FAT in your cells and other vital organs... like your Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Etc!!!

Below are Foods I Stopped Eating...

*all types of bread*all pasta*chips*all types of potatoes
*all types of corn*canned soups*cereals*oatmeal
*all rice*cookies*baked sweets*all chocolate
*orange juice*any juice drinks
with added sugar
*crackers*I eat ONLY unsalted dry
roasted peanuts
*hot dogs*fried chicken
breasts, legs, thighs
*pork*canned veggies
high in salt
*fast foods*salad dressings*snack foods*restaurant foods
*ice cream*sodas, lemonade*candy*deli foods, meals

OK now I will show you how I Prepare And Cook Fast to accomodate my busy daily routien...

Be Sure to have the necessary TOOLS required for cooking, ie pots and pans, skillets, knives, forks, spoons, measuring tools, can openers, chopping board, use styrofoam cups not glass and use paper plates not dishes and be in the habbit of washing your cooking hardware IMMEDIATELY After eating each and every time, so you never have any dirty things to clean up later in the sink...

Try to Buy FROZEN when you can... like Frozen Chicken Tenderloins, Strawberrys, Blueberrys and other Frozen Fruits, Ground LEAN Beef Packages (freeze them for later), Frozen Vegetable Mixed Packages, Frozen Fish, Etc then just use a bowl of HOT Tap Water to thaw out as much as you plan on cooking, ahead of time... that way you are not under pressure to use it by a certain expiration date!

I Use Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil for skillet cooking... and when cooking Ground Beef for perhaps mixing into other foods, always STRAIN the cooked beef into a garbage can and then run tap water over it while still in the strainer to get out the DANGEROUS Artery-Clogging Fat from that red meat... Sometimes when cooking Chicken Tenderloins it helps to CUT Them Up into BITE SIZED PIECES to speed up cooking and then be sure to cook these for only about 1 to 1.5 min on each side (on High Heat) so they don't get too CHEWEY and so they taste tender and delicious (remember Chicken is cheaper than hot dogs... and better for you)... Same thing for cooking Fish, like Talipia or Catfish fillets, just only about 1 to 1.5 min on each side (on High Heat)

You must really try to AVOID Processed Packaged Meat and CANNED SOUPS except when the Label Indicates they are Low In Salt and Sugar and have none or very little Added Sugar... same thing holds for Juice or Fruit Drinks... AVOID those with Added Sugar and those that are High In Calorie Value...

READ And COMPARE THE LABELS before you buy and try and get the LOWEST Calorie Value (per serving) and Lowest Salt (Sodium) and Lowest Sugar (especially ADDED SUGAR which is REALLY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH)... and of course the Lowest Price (duh)... Good Luck and stay with it, you will be so happy after a few weeks and months... (send flowers HA HA)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read thru my advice on Learning Your Diet Facts...

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